HGH Reviews

For a while many sources have discussed the Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is commonly referred to. There have also been many debates as to if there are any real benefits and if it is truly a safe item for human’s to consume. In this article, we’ll look over HGH and discuss it in real terms. We’ll also cover three of the most popular forms of HGH available as well.

What is HGH?

For starters HGH is a naturally produced hormone in the body. The organ that handles the creation and release of it is the pituitary gland. HGH typically is released into the blood stream to repair tissue damage, fight diseases when you are ill and rebuild bone and muscle tissue. As we age the amount of HGH our body releases begins to decrease, and we begin to show the signs of natural aging.

In theory, by adding the supplements you begin to reduce the signs of aging and increase the amount of muscle mass your body has. You will feel rejuvenated, young and able to take on the world, especially if you believe some of the scams on the market that use the HGH scam to prey on their potential customers.

Back in 1958 researchers began to experiment and transfer the HGH they found in pituitary glands of a cadaver to help treat a 17 year old child that had GH-deficiency. The doctor doing the research was Maurice Raben of Tufts University of Medicine. The transplant was a success and the effects on the boy began to show almost immediately.

Two years later, the US National Institutes for Health created a special panel of carefully selected Endocrinologists to continue the research of HGH from the cadavers available and their treatment effects on children with a GH-deficiency.

Over the years researched continued to expand on HGH, until an illness similar to mad cow disease began to start showing up in treated patients. Research on the HGH from cadavers ceased. In 1998 researchers developed a synthetic version of HGH and began to use it as a treatment option.

That concept is what is commonly used in the current brands of HGH supplements that are on the market now. They are a safer and natural way to invoke the increase of your body’s production of HGH from your own pituitary gland, rather than have treatment shots of the synthetic HGH.

The Top 3 HGH

We’ll review the top three HGH products available on the market. You may have other preferences, but these will provide you with a starting place to research and review.

genf20 plus

GenF20 Plus

98% Success Rate

Unlike other products that look to enhance the pituitary gland, this product focuses on rejuvenating instead. They are relatively new, and have a good customer following. They are a little pricier than the other options listed here. Their approval rating is 98% with 60 days money back guarantee. Read Full Review Here

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HGH EnergizerHGH Energizer

95% Success Rate

Delivered as a spray form of HGH, it is directly absorbed through the tongue. It contains 8 proven HGH releasers and 6 additional growth components. Plus with a great price, and the best customer service on the market, it has an overall approval rating of 98%. Read Full Review Here

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90% Success Rate

This is the most powerful HGH products that uses 100% natural ingredients. Each item in the pills is designed to stimulate the pituitary glands process of creating HGH. Plus, it has been created in labs that are FDA certified providing extra security and comfort for use of their product and the best money back guarantee available. Overall it has an approval rating of 90%. Read Full Review Here

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The top pick here is the Genf20 Plus. It contains the best service, price and quality of the three. But research is essential in deciding which product meets your needs and would be the best selection for you.